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Malay Lady Praised By Netizens After She Shield Indian Grandma From The Sun Using Her File!

Photo credit to Facebook |mai2belajarsikit | toluna

There is a lot of people in the world. Some are selfish, some are evil and some are just racist. But, not everyone is bad! This Facebook post has garnered over 31K likes and 19K shares as it shows a sweet gesture by a Malay lady to an older Indian lady that makes us feel so heartwarming.

Credit: Facebook


The story is the user’s grandmother was waiting outside the bank for a long time. There is a kind Malay lady who was holding a file in her hand. Instead of using it for herself, the Malay lady used it to shield the grandmother instead! The grandmother and her family were so grateful for the lady’s good intention and shared the picture in order to restore some humanity and tell people that not everyone is racist.

Credit: Facebook

The photo is so touching that a lot of people commented on the Facebook post!

Netizens’ Responses

▼Her parents should be proud of her for able to raise such a good daughter~

▼That is the Malaysian’s spirit~

▼Not everyone can look cool wearing Kain Batik! 

▼Hopefully, this kind of thing would be normalized in our country

▼For elder people, they are given the privilege to go straight inside a bank. So, please relay the message to them~

▼Some people think that the person behind the camera should hold or stand for the grandma instead!

This is such a sweet photo and her parents must be proud of her!

Info via Facebook