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Malaysian Uni Student Received Backlash From Netizens After Saying RM2,000 Allowance is Not Enough to Survive

Photo Credit to Taylor's University | The Sun Daily

It’s that time of semester again, the time when we starve ourselves by eating one meal a day to save up our allowance for the rest of the semester.

Students in universities and colleges, at least most of them, are suffering high levels of financial stress as they struggle to support themselves in the value of the maintenance loan and the rising cost of rent.

University can be exciting place for self-discovery and growth, but it’s also where some young adults develop poor money management habits which leads them to being broke.

Credit: The Telegraph

Recently, a Malaysian university student’s post in the university confession page about how their friend is able to survive with an allowance of “only” RM700 when RM2,000 allowance a month wasn’t enough for them received huge backlash from netizens and went viral with more than

The local student also added saying that since their RM2,000 is not enough which makes them stressed, their parents increased it to RM3,000 but the amount is still not enough to survive.

“You wouldn’t expect me everyday eat economic rice right?” they mentioned in their confession.

▼ The student received a bash from the netizens after saying that RM2,000 per month is not enough to survive!

▼ “Who survives with only RM2,000 allowance per month though?!” LOL~

▼ RM2,000 allowance for a month is more than enough!~



▼ Forget about extra pocket money, you might as well have to fix your English first~

▼ Many shared their ways to save up money and avoid being broke throughout their university phase. “Instead of complaining, you can earn extra income”~



I would be so grateful if I get RM2,000 as my allowance though! People should appreciate and learn to survive with what they have!

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