Please Stop Slammed Faces Into Birthday Cakes! The Cake Might Have Wooden Sticks !

Credit: Pinterest | Facebook


Usually when it’s someone’s birthday, people will give them a birthday cake for the celebration. Do you guys know the cake smashing trend where people smash the birthday girl or boy face into the birthday cake?

Credit: Pinterest

Sometimes this trend can eventually harm someone safety! Related to that, recently a netizen’s post became viral and gained over 24.5K likes and 85.9K shares after sharing a post that can be seen as a reminder to people that like to smash birthday girl or boy face onto a cake.


The netizen showed a pictures of cake with sharp wooden sticks in it and it look dangerous ! Can’t imagine if someone face been push into the cake! The action of smashing people face onto a cake might look fun but it may also go wrong and might hurt or killed a person! Look at the sharp end !

Lot’s of netizens were shock with the pictures, however, a netizen also share his experience that someone did that to him before but luckily the stick broken ! OMG ~~

Most of the bakers clarified that they don’t do that! And, those who did it are unqualified baker.

Most of the bakers responded that they do not use dowels

Well, the point of the sticks should be facing downward too!

Normally bakers will use hard straw instead of wooden stick to ensure the safety of the clients

Lot’s of netizens think that this kind of trend actually wasting food, is a big NO NO ! Cake was mean to be eaten, not playing around~~

Plus, pushing someone face to the cake is rude, don’t you think so?

However with all these point of views, we still have to be careful and think twice before making fun with it !

No more cake smashing please ~~~

Info via Facebook