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Rare Accident: 2 Injured After Being Hit by Falling Ventilation Duct in Cinema

Photo credit to China Press

The 2 unlucky movie-goers was watching the “Tenet” by Christopher Nolan in a cinema in Singapore, suddenly the ventilation duct collapsed and hit on them.

Credit : China Press

The rare accident happened around 4.45 pm in Shaw Theatres, NEX Shopping Mall where a ventilation duct fell and hit on 2 patrons. The injured patrons were quickly attended to by the cinema’s staff and then by paramedics who arrived. They were subsequently taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Photos by China Press showed part of an air ventilation system that had collapsed across several rows of seats at the cinema.

Credit : China Press

Other images showed Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers at the scene. In one photo, officers could be seen wheeling away an injured person on a stretcher.

Credit : China Press

In another photo, two men were seen assisting a woman who is lying on the carpeted floor, clutching her head.

Credit : China Press

“A section of ducting in a fourth floor cinema hall had fallen from the ceiling,” SCDF told CNA.

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) said in a statement on Sunday night that an engineer was sent to investigate the incident at 5.30pm.

Credit : CNA

“For safety reasons, BCA has instructed that the cinema be closed pending further investigation,” it said.

Info via China Press