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Robbers Say,”Sorry, We Thought You Are The Boss!” Mistakenly Robbed a Man and Returned Him RM100

Photo Credit to China Press

“Sorry ! We thought you are the owner of the money changer. We robbed the wrong person. Ok , We give you back RM 100!”

Credit: China Press

A sales supervisor that worked part time as a security guard in a money changer was mistakenly thought the business owner. The robbers eyed on him and come as an ” uninvited guests” in the middle of the night.

The Indian Muslim victim named Muhammad Imran, 36-year-old told media, during the incident he and his wife and their 5 kids were sleeping on the 2nd floor. His wife heard some sound like breaking a window and waked him up. She asked him to go and check out.

Credit : China Press

The moment he stepped out from the bedroom only he realised 4 parang-wielding burglars were already in 2nd floor.

“3 kids were sleeping in my room while another 2 kids were in another room. The burglars who spoke in Tamil pushed me down. I’m trying to protect my kids and they hurt me with their parang”

Credit : China Press

They searched around the house and took away jewellery, TV, cash amounting RM2,000 and USD 300 and a car. The total loss was around RM75,000.

Before leaving, the burglars told him they robbed a wrong person and mistakenly thought he was the business owner. One of the robber asked him whether he got money for food and left a RM100 note on the table.

Credit : China Press

Imran was injured on his arm, leg and head. He was admitted to hospital and still receiving treatment now.