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[Video]Irresponsible Hit & Run Driver On Karak Expressway Wanted!

Photo credit to China Press

Video on a hit and run incident went viral. Irresponsible hit and the run driver wanted!

On Merdeka day,  Aug 31 traffic was heavy. The alleged driver was believed to avoid traffic jam thus, drove in the emergency lane. As a result, the poor motorcyclist couldn’t avoid the vehicle and was hit by it.

Credit : China Press

Both the motorcyclist and it’s passenger fell and nearly went underneath the car, reported by China Press.

The unaccepted part was, the alleged driver did not stop and just run away. The incident was captured by a dashcam from other road users and uploaded on social media.

Netizens outraged over the irresponsible act of the hit and run driver.

Credit : China Press

A netizen who uploaded the post said the incident happened around 3 pm in Karak expressway, 56km toward KL direction.

In the footage, the alleged driver speeding up and run away from the scene after hitting the victims, and the driver with dashcam recording the incident parked his car at the roadside to help the 2 victims.

There was netizen suspected the car was a White Toyota Camry from Seremban. However,  no one knows whether the driver was the car owner. Some netizens also search on the alleged vehicle car plate and found there was RM450 outstanding police summons.

Info via China Press