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Man Asked to Pay RM 460 in a Birthday Gathering With Only Having A Burger Cost RM88 , Says,”It’s Unfair!”

A man was invited to a gathering celebrated birthday for a girl, he ordered a burger priced at RM88 and a drink. He was asked to pay RM460 and the girl’s bestie asked him for another RM460 for the birthday girl’s meal.

Credit : China Press

The man paid RM460 but refused to pay the additional RM460. Feeling not happy the girl’s bestie posted on social media complaining the man saying he wanted to woo the birthday girl and promised to pay her meal.

She wrote in her post ,” If you cannot afford then don’t promised to buy a meal, It’s not that we cannot afford! Don’t even want to talk about his character problem, want to woo a girl and get a free meal, and not even washed hand after go washroom. Speechless.”

However, most netizens don’t buy what she said and criticised her for taking advantage on the man.

Credit : China Press

According to the China Press, 8 person turned up in the birthday gathering. The man ordered a burger and a drink while the rest of people ordered some foods and alcohol beverages. The bill was amounting RM 3,679.

Credit : China Press

After the man refused to pay the additional RM460. The birthday girl also texted him questioned him about the RM460. Through the text, only we realised the man only know the birthday girl and not the rest of people who attended the birthday gathering.

He felt unfair when he order the burger and a drink while the rest of people ordering so many foods, and he was asked to pay RM920. He told the birthday girl, he is been sincere treating a friend, and felt the birthday girl took advantage on him.

The girl following replied his message saying, ” you said you will buy me a meal, isn’t it? and you ordered the food for me,” The man explained that it’s because the girl said she don’t know how to read the menu only he translated and explained about those food in the menu for her.

Following that, the girl send her a screenshot which was believed from her friends who attended the birthday gathering saying that they earned a lot of money and can afford the bill. Then, the man replied,” Yes! Your guys earned a lot of money, and i’m poor so don’t bully me. I really cannot afford.”

Credit : China Press

The girl and her bestie were both criticised by netizens on their behaviour. The man later posted on social media that the girl already apologies to him and said she can be heard upset over the incident and he think as a man he shouldn’t be calculative and urged netizens do not criticised her anymore. He also thanked everyone for their help and updated netizens that the money issues was also resolved.

Info via China Press