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Click On “Bank” Link, Chinese Lady Loses All Her Savings Within 15 Mins

Credit : CIMB | Daily Mirror

A 26-year-old Chinese lady, clicked on an information link that she assumed send by a bank, in less than 15 minutes all her savings for her ill mother medical expenses was gone!

Ms. Wong told Oriental daily, on Nov 10 around 1.17pm, she received a SMS from “68833”. The SMS sent was to ask her to update the her bank information through clicking in the link given in the SMS.

Credit : CIMB

“I have no doubt as the bank always send me info from the same number “68833”. Thus, i followed the instruction clicked in the link and filled in my information including my bank account, password, name, phone no. and address. After i filled up all the info, it land me on something that looked like bank interface with a note “Information was updated”.

Following that, a Face ID is required and after the face recognition, the RM7,200 in her bank account was transferred to an unknown account. It took less than 15 minutes.

Credit : Oriental Daily

“I lodged a police report in Klang, then i alerted the banks but until now i was asked to wait for their further instruction. I’m confused,” she added.

The 26-year-old said she graduated last year and went alone to work in Johor. It’s not easy to save that amount of money as she will need them for the medical expenses for her ill mother.

Credit : Scarymommy ( Picture for illustration purpose only)

” My mum need to spend Rm3,000 on medical bill a month, now i don’t have enough money for my mum medical expenses and also our daily expenses. I have to borrow money from relatives and friends. I don’t dare to tell my mum my savings was all gone, i do not want to make her worry.”

Ms. Wong also said she don’t put high hope to get back those money. But hope what happened to her served as a lesson to others.