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Removed 20 Teeth in 5 Hours, Taiwanese Lady Falls Unconscious and Later Dies

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A Taiwanese lady was suffered from toothache, so she went to dentist. Within the 5 hours treatment, the dentist removed 20 teeth. When the family questioned why removed 20 teeth on the same time, the dentist said,” No difference for removing 1or 20 teeth.” The lady was unconscious the next day, rushed to hospital and pronounced dead 9 days later.

The autopsy showed her passing was due to pneumonia. However, family members of the deceased suspected her death was caused by the teeth removal. They lodged a police report and wanted police open a case to investigate further on the matter.

Credit : Hindustantimes ( Picture for illustration purpose only)

According to Apple daily Taiwan, The lady with surname Chang, 34-year-old suffered toothache went to a dental clinic nearby for a check up. However, due to her condition, the clinic referred her to the Dental department in a hospital for further treatment instead.

Chang’s father said she send his daughter to the hospital on Nov 4, 9am. After the diagnosis, the doctor decided to pulled 20 of the teeth because it badly decayed. The teeth removal procedure ended at 2pm.

After the treatment, only the doctor informed the father, ” We pulled 20 teeth for your daughter.” The father was in shocked, ” What ?! 20 ?! She need to hospitalised? Can she take it?” The doctor then explained removed 1 or 20 teeth will be the same. Hospitalisation is not required.

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The father then said her daughter was not feeling well after she reached home, she didn’t sleep well the whole night. The next day, at 9am when the father wanted to give his daughter some painkiller. He then found his daughter unconscious and immediately rushed her to the hospital.

However, the doctor failed to resuscitate her after 9 days, she was pronounced with brain death then the parents make a painful decision to removed her life support.

Credit : Apple Daily

The autopsy result showed she died of pneumonia. But the parents suspected her death was related to the teeth removal as their daughter was always healthy, and things turn bad only after the teeth removal.

The doctor in charged said he explained in details to the deceased before the operation done and general anesthesia was performed during the extraction. Blood pressure and oxygen level was observed for 2 hour before the doctor allowed her to go home.