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“It’s Only Me & My Daughter in the Room!” A Head with Black Hair is in the Scene While Dad Recording Video of Daughter

Netizen from Taiwan, known as Mr. Wong said ” One thing i’m very sure, it’s only me and my daughter in the room”. Mr. Wong wanted to change his mobile phone, thus he was trying to delete some unwanted video and transferring those he wants to his new mobile phone. While browsing through those video, this particular one give him a CHILL!

Credit : ET Today News

That was a video dated Aug 22, 2017 which he took in his parents in law’s place. He told ET Today News that he remembered clearly that day, they went to visit the parents in law where he heard some strange ” Ding Ding Ding” noice from the neighbour and the parents in law told them it’s the prayer ceremony (Chinese wake) for the passing of their neighbour’s daughter in law.

Credit :traditionscustoms

He was told she committed suicide due to depression because she couldn’t accept the passing of her newborn. He didn’t think much during that time. At night, the family were chit-chatting in the living room. While, he and his daughter were in the bedroom.

His daughter was dancing and singing happily on the bed. Most parents would capture the happiest moment of their child, Mr. Wong is no exception. He didn’t realise anything until the moment he browsed his video 3 years later.

Credit : ET Today News

The eerie video started with the little girl dancing and singing happily on the bed. In the 4th and the 5th second of the video, the was a strange scene at the corner where a head with a long black hair was clearly seen. At the end of the video, the little girl was heard saying, ” Somebody was laughing”, ” Hi , sister!” Oh Gosh… spine-chilling …

Credit : ET Today News

According to ET Today News, experts said it shouldn’t be a manipulated video because the head with a black hair is clearly seen and there is no changes in colour, blurring, or other odd visual effects in the video.

Check out the video: